Petram fuels business growth by uncovering insights from your customer data and digital marketing channels.


How We Help Your Business Grow

Petram Analytics helps our clients uncover hidden growth opportunities in their customer data and apply that to smarter marketing across Facebook, Google, Email, SMS, and other digital channels.

We specialize in customer segmentation, predictive analytics, and AI-based modeling, in order to create actionable insights for your business. We also help clients implement and integrate customer data platforms to improve the effectiveness of their cross-channel marketing. By leveraging our proprietary partners and our experience with leading customer data technologies, Petram helps you take your data-driven marketing to the next level.

Customer Data Segmentation

By gaining insights from your data, we are able to segment your current and potential customers to leverage your biggest revenue opportunities. We help you understand your customers and leads geographically, behaviorally, and psychographically.

Customer Data Syndication​

It’s crucial that customer data is utilized in a surround-sound approach across all marketing channel touch-points. We syndicate that data across marketing efforts to make sure the most relevant reach to your customers and leads is met.​

CDP Integration

Petram specializes in CDP integration, which lays the groundwork for cross-channel messaging strategies and execution, marketing personalization, customer data unification, and holistic customer journey insights.


With our predictive models, Petram aligns and forecasts your revenue with your marketing strategy. This allows us to automate insights about the future of your business, and optimize market spend.​

Customer Data Enrichment

Many businesses have an abundance of data quantity, but not necessarily data quality. We help you enrich your data to fill in the gaps of what is important to know about your customers, and ultimately how they can best engage with your business.​

Email Marketing Automation

Petram turns your single channel email marketing efforts into a full channel orchestration. We analyze your email data to optimize conversion metrics, and then automate your email campaigns to reach the right people, at the right time, with the right message, in order to increase conversions.​

"We are always pushing to improve the experience for our customers at Allegiant. We are excited to partner with Petram’s data science team to bring even more personalization to our marketing."

Scott Deangelo

CMO & Board Member

Allegiant Airlines


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