As marketers, we must always consider two things – when to tell our story and where to tell it.

Many marketers scatter their ad spend with the hope that by sending out so many ads, a few are seen by the right people at the right time. Some marketers use anecdotal observations to refine their audience but still use default timing and geographic filters to get as many impressions as possible.  They maximize reach and sacrifice focus.  This, ultimately, wastes untold sums of money on the wrong people. 

Equally wasteful is the loss of potential revenue on uncapitalized market trends. The weekly ebbs and flows of the market fly largely under the radar. 

Instead of relying on as many people seeing our ads as possible, we’ve conducted smart campaigns focusing on the specific geographic areas where a brand is gaining traction. By focusing spend at the zip code level, you capitalize on trends and feed growth. 

Modern marketers need to lean on data science to identify these specific times and locations. Without this knowledge, marketers will continue to misalign funds and continue to miss the right customers. 

Petram identifies these to ensure that your marketing strategies take advantage of your best opportunities before your competitors do. 


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