For thousands of years, we’ve had a personal relationship with the retailers we bought and sold from. Whether it was a 19th-century general store in the old west or an agora in ancient Greece, humans have historically done business with those we knew we could trust. In the modern era, that has largely changed. Our personal relationships with who we buy from are, for the most part, gone.

But personal relationships with retailers are coming back thanks to data science. One of the many things Petram Analytics does for its clients is creating Hyper-Personalization or, in essence, creating content specifically tailored to their clients. Our team has the ability to figure out exactly who your clients are and then divide them into groups based on their characteristics such as demographics, interests, and goals. We then have the ability to send personalized messages to each of these segments. This makes a company’s interactions more sophisticated, intuitive, and individualized, resulting in significant improvements in campaigns such as a 46% higher email open rate and a 27% increased click-through rate.* 

Sending a message that resonates with your audience is more conducive to building a relationship based on trust and subsequently results in higher conversion rates. This re-creation of trust from our historical past through technology is the future of marketing, and we can help you do it. 

*Kundra, Rashi. “Customer Segmentation Stats .” Wigzo, 20 Oct. 2020,